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pocketguard app

PocketGuard is a free application that makes it simple to take control of your personal finance and quit overspending. Its inbuilt money management tools help you make a financial plan and track spending consequently. This is the best money management and budgeting app you are looking for.

Link your bank accounts & credit cards and track everything from account balance and transactions to net worth and more in one spot.

Currently, PocketGuard connects to U.S. and Canadian financial institutions only.

PocketGuard offers a premium subscription – PocketGuard Plus – which gives you access to additional features. PocketGuard Plus is optional and not required to use PocketGuard.

Pocketguard Pricing

  • Pocketguard comes in a basic edition, which is still truly stacked, that comes with no cost attached.
  • If you’re appropriately stricken with what it does, at that point you might need to boost the usability by plumping for the Pocketguard Plus model, which accompanies a $3.99 month-to-month membership cost or it can likewise be had for an erratic $34.99 yearly charge.

Pocketguard Performance

Pocketguard works with zingy effectiveness on both the Mac iOS and Android applications. There’s negligible effort involved in setting up the application to link to your bank accounts and whenever you have that set up you should find that Pocketguard will work reliably.

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Pocketguard Referal Program

  • The reference program provides you with a chance to get PocketGuard Plus premium service free of charge.
  • It works on a point system. You get 10 points for every one of the initial three friends you refer who sign up for the service. Extra companions refereed will earn five focuses.
  • Each friend will also receive 10 points for signing up.
  • You can get one free month of PocketGuard Plus for every 30 points you accumulate. Put as such, three referrals are worth 30 points, which translated into $3.99.

Features of PocketGard App

  • Get valuable insights on your spending habits

PocketGuard will assist you to find out where your money goes and analyze your spending habits. See which costs eat up a lot of the pie. Customize your reports with custom classifications and hashtags.

  • Always know what’s in your pocket

Continuously know what’s in your pocket or In my pocket feature shows precisely how much extra cash you have after paying your bills, putting something aside for your objectives, and saving sufficient cash for fundamentals, similar to food and transportation. It does the “would I be able to get it?” math for you, so you can go through with certainty and appreciate life.

  • Track and Lower your bills

Add your bills and subscriptions to PocketGuard and it will consequently plan for future installments. Our shrewd (smart) bill updates will help you never miss the due date again. What’s more, our shrewd algorithms will distinguish where you may be overpaying and offer simple approaches to lower your bills.

  • Customer Support System

The pocketguard comes with a support system like other applications. There is a help section in the app and, even if all this information doesn’t get to the bottom of your inquiry, there is also the ability to email them and pose an inquiry directly.

  • Identify unwanted subscriptions

PocketGuard will help you to find subscriptions you may have overlooked. This feature works automatically, so you need to do nothing to make it work. PocketGuard notifies you when such subscriptions are identified.

  • Set and reach your goal

PocketGuard permits you to set a limitless number of objectives and keep tabs on your development.

  • Bank-level security

PocketGuard utilizes a 256-bit secure attachments layer to ensure all information and data remains encrypted. Your login credentials are not stored on PocketGuard’s servers, and they never have access to make any changes to your accounts.

Likewise, the PocketGuard application uses PIN code and biometrics, like Touch ID and Face ID, as an extra security layer.

How to Sign-up for PocketGuard App

You can sign up for PocketGuard on the website. You’ll initially be requested your email address, and afterward to make a customized password of yours.

Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll begin by connecting your bank accounts, credit cards, and other loan and investment accounts. You should give your login credentials to each account you add to the application. It is specialized in third-party financial management platforms and applications.

Alternatives and Competitors of Pocketguard App

  • Every Dollar
  • Mint
  • Quicken
  • You need a budget
  • Money Dashboard
  • Albert
  • Buxfer
  • MoneyWiz
  • Yolt
  • Moneydance
  • GoodBudgets
  • Wally
  • iFinance
  • GreenWise
  • Blend

FAQs related to Pocket Guard Mobile App

  • Is the Pocketguard app safe?

PocketGuard transfers data with a similar security level as your banking application. They utilize a similar 256-digit SSL and progressed Encryption norms as banks and other monetary establishments use.

High Technology Standards

PocketGuard moves information with a similar security level as your financial application. We utilize a similar 256-cycle SSL and progressed encryption norms as banks and other monetary organizations.

Double layer of security

With our PIN code and secret key blend, nobody can get to your monetary data, regardless of whether you lose your telephone.

  • PocketGuard mobile app is compatible with which devices?

PocketGuard mobile app is compatible with all devices running on Android 6.0 and up.

  • For whom Pocket Guard app is an ideal option?

The PocketGuard app is ideal for over-spenders who want routine reminders of how much they can spend on a day-to-day basis.

This is the best option for those who struggle to keep an eye on their spending and want to improve their savings skills. Its features allow you to keep a close eye on your finances and get into the habit of spending more wisely.

But despite the pocketguard being convenient, some reviews report it may misclassify transactions from time to time. Users are advised to go through their transactions and ensure that everything is correct.

The premium version cost is not as high as the $ 84-per-year fee for the Budget You Need (YNAB) app. At $ 34.99 per year, the Pocketguard Plus is worth it if you have more than two budgets to keep track of.

  • How many users have installed this app?

Around 50,000+ Android users have installed the PocketGuard mobile app.













  • How much did the PocketGuard mobile app cost?

Basically, the pocketguard app offers a free version, but users can upgrade to premium for $ 4.99 per month or $ 34.99 per year. The app’s automatic savings feature (described above) is available to Pocketguard Plus users at no additional charge, but users of the free version of the app will be charged a $ 2 monthly maintenance fee

  • What is the latest version of the PocketGuard mobile app?

The latest Android version is 3.19.2

  • What are PocketGuard Plus features?

Track cash that you spend and get- Here you track cash paid for tips at cafés or get from companions for the installment of a dinner. You’ll enter the sums on the application physically. The reason for existing is to give you the full picture of your spending plan, which incorporates exchanges that don’t really go through your connected records.

Plan for cash bills– You can set up a repetitive money charge that will empower you to follow cash-paid costs consistently. This is planned explicitly for individuals who pay a few or the entirety of their bills in real money.

Expertise much money is in your pocket- However long all money pay and costs have been entered effectively, the application will ascertain your money balance consistently.

ATM withdrawals-  Records the money you pull out from ATMs as money exchanges. This takes into account a more precise following of all incomes.

Add more pockets- PocketGuard Plus permits you to add more explicit pockets. For instance, you can set up pockets for cheap food, public transportation, or decorations. It will permit you to see where your cash is going in significantly more noteworthy detail. It will show up on a spending pie outline, or you can even draw up explicit spending lines.

  • Who owns Pocketguard App?

It was launched by Igor Kuznetsov and its operations are based in California, United States.

  • For what reason does PocketGuard need my card login data?

To show your record subtleties, PocketGuard needs to see the exchanges on your budget summaries. At the point when you register a monetary record for PocketGuard following, we encode your login accreditations and, with the assistance of Finicity, our information collection accomplice, build up a safe association with your card guarantor.

For improved wellbeing, we intentionally don’t store any of your credit/check card account qualifications.

When your certifications are affirmed, PocketGuard is allowed “perused just” admittance to your exchange history. This implies that PocketGuard can just see depictions and sums for your buys. We can’t move cash into or out of your records, nor would we be able to change any part of your records.

  • How did PocketGuard make money?

This allows you to know where your money is going. You must provide income information during signup. Pocketguard basically, focuses on recurring income. This may include income from your regular salary, rental income, pension, alimony, or any other income source that you receive on a regular basis.

  • What requirements do you need for PocketGuard App?

To log in, you must use your email address and password. PocketGuard may provide you with a password to access your service account on the website. PocketGuard may periodically establish and require additional or different means of identification and authentication to log in or access your account or to access certain services on the Services.

Your government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driving license. A copy of a utility bill, bank statement, affidavit, or any other bill, within 3 months of our request, with your name and U.S. street address on it. and remember such other information and documents as we may need from time to for PocketGuard App.

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