Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Personal Capital App is the smartest way to track and manage all your expenses and personal finance and see your all accounts whether it is a bank account, stocks, retirement, funds, and your investment in one place.

You can personalize your retirement plan with the personal capital Retirement Planner or even talk to the financial advisor. It will automatically customize the user’s expenses but you can even customize them on your own too.

Personal Capital Pricing

The Personal Capital money management and budget-expense tracking app are free to use.

You have the choice to feature personalized investment services and wealth management advice from licensed fiduciary advisors for an annual management fee of 0.89% of your investment assets under $1 million.

Personal Capital Performance

Personal Capital has the robust methodology, security, and service that you simply would expect as a high-net-worth customer. The unfortunate part is that you simply got to be quite wealthy to access that level of service. However, it’s worth using the wealth management app and dashboard just to determine where you stand.

You’ll even find that the personal Capital cash account could also be an excellent spot to park an emergency fund or simple savings account.

The platform is great, but most people can’t meet the border (edge) to use it.

Personal Capital Referal Program

  • Open a new Brokerage Account.
  • Link at least 1 of your 401(k), IRA, or brokerage accounts with your new Personal Capital account to qualify for the $20 reward.
  • Refer a friend to open a new account.
  • Partners in Personal Capital can earn up to $100  for every sign-up.
  • Enjoy your investment chance by using Personal Capital for free.

Features of Personal Capital App

  • Manage all your accounts in one place

You can manage all your accounts like – bank accounts, 401k, IRA, investment, and even debt all in one app i.e Personal Capital.

  • Saftey

Personal Capital’s security measures include data encryption that sends you codes to access your information, fraud protection that keeps you up-to-date on your transactions, and powerful user authentication to verify your identity.

  • Retirement Goal Setting

With the Personal Capital retirement planner, you can answer questions that whether you have saved enough for the future. It also has a Recession Simulator that can tell you how your portfolio would have performed during past recessions.

  • Customer Service

There’s no generic customer baseline to call once your account is established you’ll contact your advisor directly assigned to your account.

Before establishing an account, if you would like to call the company to ask questions,  personal Capital’s team will answer all the phones quickly and those questions were answered by helpful, knowledgeable people.

  • Security

Personal capital use bank-level encryption to keep your financial information secure.

How to Sign-up for Personal Capital App

  • Create a new account with personal Capital
  • Connect and Sync your Accounts
  • View your current Cash Flow and Net Worth
  • Set a Monthly Budget
  • Check your Investments
  • Check the Retirement Planner
  • View recommendations and take action to improve your Investment and Retirement Plans

Alternative and Competitors of Personal Capital App

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  • Riskalyze
  • HiddenLevers
  • Acorns
  • Backstop Solution Suit
  • eMoney
  • Seeking Alpha
  • SimCorp Dimension
  • Morningstar Advisor Workstation
  • Morningstar Office
  • Morningstar Direct
  • Dynamo
  • Ziggma
  • fi360 Toolkit
  • Pershing Financial Services
  • Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX)
  • Croesus Advisor
  • Betterment
  • EquityEffect
  • Morningstar Total Rebalance Expert (tRx)

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