How to operate with a lost firestick remote?

lost firestick remote

After spending hours looking for the remote, under the couch, in the drawers, behind the pillows, you give up. There is always one person in the family who has a memory of goldfish. They forget where put the remote within few minutes. And results in an endless search marathon. So what is your next option after the lost firestick remote? Here I will give you some options to try, so you don’t get irked with your family member. Let’s begin;

The Set-up

Firstly, when you receive a TV, the setup is done with a Firestick remote. TV Fire sticks remote works on the wifi connection and used to navigate the wifi credentials. However, the wifi would still connect to the lost firestick remote, but you won’t be able to operate anything. 

Things can get bad you take the firestick away from the wifi connectivity.

How to control the navigate with the lost firestick remote

Lost Firestick remote within the house:

Firestick can be controlled on your own smartphone or device. Usually, you are connected to the same home network and can access the navigation just by login into the app. Your smartphone will then function as a completely remote and serve the purpose of navigation. 

lost firestick in the house

If you still have a doubt, follow the following steps to log into the app:

  • Install the Fire TV app in android or ios version. 
  • After installing successfully, if you’re connected to the same network, it will automatically pop up the firestick details. 
  • Click on the fire tv stick and enter the 4-digit PIN on the app.  
  • The code will pop up on the TV. You have to enter the code to connect the Fire TV remote app to your FireStick.
  • After set up, your app will show a digital remote for the FireStick and you can swipe on the empty area to simulate arrow keys and tap the empty space to Press OK. Just go to Settings, use Alexa, type URLs from the keyboard of your smartphone, etc, with the remote app.
  • The app is a decent alternative to the traditional remote and you can use it whenever you can’t find your remote or are too lazy to get up and fetch it.

Lost firestick remote away from the house:

Using the smartphone app with the Fire TV Stick was easy as it was connected to the same home connection. However, things won’t be that easy if you lose the remote away from the house. 

To tackle it, you would need two smartphones. One to act as the remote for the FireStick and we’ll need the other smartphone which can create a WiFi hotspot. Unfortunately, iPhone’s hotspot name cannot be changed, so I’d suggest you either use a Mac computer, a Windows computer, or an Android smartphone with a working internet connection. Just like we did before, install the Fire TV app on your smartphone, log in with your Amazon credentials, and keep it aside. This next part is crucial to make the whole process work. We’re going to create a Wi-Fi hotspot with the same credentials as your home Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi name and password are both case-sensitive so create a hotspot keeping that in mind. Create a new hotspot with the same name and password that your firestick was previously connected to. After you do this, connect the Fire TV Stick to the TV and power it on. It should automatically connect to the Wifi hotspot you just created. Connect the other smartphone to the same Wifi network. 


Use the previous-gen Firestick remote:

Amazon firestick is compatible with the old version of the stick. If you own one previous-gen firestick remote, you can use it for present navigation. However, it had few limitations. Like you will not find all the necessary buttons of volume, mute, or power button. You will miss out on those, but if you don’t need it for a specific purpose the old one does the job. 

previous gen remote

There are plenty of hidden key combinations that you can press on the Firestick remote including resetting the remote. To pair the previous-gen remote with the newer FireStick, just press and hold the Home, back, and left arrow key buttons at the same time for ten seconds, and then restart your FireStick. The new (technically older) remote will pair automatically after you reboot.


Use TV’s remote to control Firestick:

Most Smart TV’s come equipped with HDMI-CEC or Consumer Electronics Control. It essentially is an interface that lets you control electronics devices connected to your TV via HDMI using the TV’s remote. It is an incredibly useful feature for times when you don’t want to use multiple remotes or lose one.

Most TVs have the feature turned ON by default but just to be safe, we’ll check before proceeding. Now, every TV manufacturer brands this feature differently so you may have to find out what it’s called. For example, LG calls it SimpLink, Philips calls it EasyLink, Hitachi calls it HDMI-CEC, Sony calls it Bravia Sync, etc. Look for the HDMI CEC option in the TV settings and turn it on. Now, you can just use the arrow keys on the TV to navigate the Firestick. However, every TV manufacturer tweaks the technology and implements it in their own way so the experience may vary and some features may not work.


Use a keyword or a mouse:

You can use a keyboard or a Mouse to use a firestick. The process however is a bit tricky, to do this you will have to buy a USB connector to connect your keyboard or mouse to the Fire TV Stick. The trick here is buying a USB OTG connector for your Fire TV Sticks. You can use this USB OTG connector to connect your Fire TV stick alongside a USB device. (USB dongle for your Keyboard/Mouse). Just get this USB OTG connector for the fire tv stick and connect one side of the Male Micro USB end to the fire tv stick. Now power it up by hooking up the USB cable to the female end of the OTG and insert the mouse/keyboard adapter. in the Type A slot.

keyword or mouse

Use a firestick with Bluetooth accessories;

Since Firestick supports Bluetooth, you can also use some Bluetooth accessories like a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse to operate your Fire TV Stick.

  1. First pair the fire tv stick app with your fire tv and then use the fire tv app to navigate to the Bluetooth page. To do this, go to Settings > Remotes & Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices > Add Bluetooth Devices. Now Select the Bluetooth accessory and you are good to go. In this case, I am using the Logitech M585 Bluetooth mouse with my Fire TV 1st Gen.

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Use your TV remote with HDMI CEC to control the firestick:

Most of the branded TV models these days come with an optional built-in called HDMI Consumer Electronics Control or HDMI-CEC. HDMI-CEC makes it easy to use 3rd party devices with HDMI CEC support to be used directly via the TV remote.

To use HDMI CEC on your Smart TV, you will have to make sure that the service is turned on. The HDMI CEC service is turned on by default in most cases but if it’s not then you will have to turn it on manually. Almost every manufacturer has HDMI CEC built-in but the problem is that every brand has their patented word for the same. You can refer to this table to know what HDMI CEC is called in your brand.

Which Universal Remote Works Best With Amazon Fire TV Stick?

So there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the best firestick remote replacements. if you want to truly eliminate the issue of your fire tv stick remote lost you can buy Universal Remote.

These are the best universal remotes that we found on the internet that you can use to control your fire tv stick as well.

  • Logitech Harmony Start control: One of the most famous products in the universal remote market is the Logitech harmony smart control. The best part about the Logitech Harmony remote is that using the hub, it connects with over 275000 devices new and even old ones. so if you use the fire tv stick on an old device then also this one will work properly on both your TV and the Fire TV stick.

Using the Logitech harmony smart remote control, you can control many devices including  TV, DVD players, and even home appliances like thermostats, etc.

Apart from the great touch screen remote, the hub connects directly to smart assistants like the amazon echo dot and google home to control appliances via voice command.

  • Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control: This one is another very popular universal remote control. The sofabaton U1 comes with a multi-pair function. You can pair multiple devices inside the Sofabaton U1 and use the slider on the front to switch between all the devices. The best part about this one is that you can configure Bluetooth and IR devices at the same time and switch between them using the slider easily.

Inside the Sofabaton app, you can configure individual buttons as macros to run certain commands when clicked.

Frequently asked questions FAQs

  1. What do I do if I lose my firestick remote?

Ans: One of the best and simplest options when looking for a replacement remote for your Firestick is the Fire TV Remote App. This is a free app downloaded to an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other Smartphone that works exactly the same as the original remote that came with your device.

  1. How can I use a fire stick without a remote?

Ans: How to control Amazon Firestick without remote?

  1. Download the Amazon Fire TV app for Android or iOS.
  2. Open the app once the installation is complete.
  3. Make sure your Firestick TV and the phone with the app are connected to the same network.
  4. Select your Amazon Fire TV.
  5. Enter the code displayed on your TV on your Phone.
  1. How do I find my lost Amazon Fire Stick remote?

Ans: Use the Amazon Fire TV App

  1. If you lost your Fire TV remote then there is nothing to worry about. 
  2. After signing in, your smartphone will automatically detect the TV. 
  3. Now, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit code displayed on your Fire TV screen. 
  4. Finally, you will find a UI very similar to your Fire TV’s remote.
  1. Can you replace a lost Firestick remote

Ans: Just unplug the power to your Fire Stick and then plug it back in. Hold down the Home button on the Amazon Fire Stick remote replacement for about 60 seconds. The New CV98LM Remote Control Replacement For Amazon Fire TV Stick can be your go-to when your original is lost or stops working. 

  1. Can I use one remote for multiple fire sticks?

Ans: You have to hold down the home key 10-20 seconds each time you switch. I have not figured out how to use the same remote on two firesticks turned on at the same time. If you want to use it on the other firestick, turn one off and turn on the one you want to use.

  1. How do you program a universal remote to a Firestick?

Ans: Press the Device key on the remote you wish to program the Fire TV (ie: A, B, C, or D). Press and hold the SET button on the remote until the signal LED (red light) blinks twice, then release the button. Enter the five-digit setup code for the Fire TV which is: 02049.

  1. How do you find your Amazon pin?

Ans: Welcome to the digital and device forum!

  1. Go to Account & Settings.
  2. On the Prime Video app for Android or iOS, select My Stuff from the bottom menu, then select from menu.
  3. Enter a PIN, then click Save.
  4. Note: Prime Video PINs only apply to the device they were set up for.
  1. How do I change my 5 digit PIN on Amazon?

Ans: On the Prime Video app for Android, select My Stuff from the bottom menu, then select the Settings icon. From there, select Parental Controls, then Change Prime Video PIN. Enter a PIN, then click Save. Note: Prime Video PINs only apply to the device they were set up for.

  1. How do I unfreeze my Firestick remote?

Ans: Firestick remote is an all-in-one accessory. If your Firestick is stuck or frozen, just follow these steps. Grab your Firestick remote, hold down the Select button and the play/pause button at the same time. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds until you see your device powering off and restarting. 

  1. Why does my Firestick keep going black?

Ans: Check Your Cable Connection

Make sure the Fire TV Stick is properly fitted into your TV’s HDMI port. If the black screen issue persists, try using an HDMI extender. There’s one that ships out-of-the-box with the Fire TV Stick. Amazon recommends connecting the Fire TV Stick to your TV with the HDMI extender.

Check TV’s Input Source

Does your TV have multiple HDMI ports? If yes, check that its active input source is set to the HDMI port holding the Fire TV Stick. For context, if the streaming stick is plugged into the second HDMI port on your TV, make sure the TV’s input source is HDMI 2.

Setting the TV to a wrong input source (say HDMI 1 or HDMI 3) may display a black screen.

Reboot the Fire TV Stick

Restarting your Fire TV Stick could also fix the black screen problem. You can restart the Fire TV Stick either using the remote or performing a hard-reboot. Hold the Select button and Play/Pause button simultaneously for at least five (5) seconds. Doing that will turn off the Fire TV Stick and power it on immediately.

Check Your Internet Connection

The Fire TV Stick may sometimes go blank if it’s unable to establish a connection with Amazon’s server. This particularly happens when you’re setting up the Fire TV Stick for the first time.

To fix this, ensure your Wi-Fi router is powered on and transmitting data. Additionally, check that you still have an active internet plan/subscription. We also recommend power-cycling your router—especially if other devices also can’t establish a connection with the router. Finally, connect the Fire TV Stick to another network and see if it boots past the black screen.




So these are all the ways you can try in case of the lost firestick remote in your family.

Using the Fire TV mobile app seems like the easiest way to fix the lost Firestick remote problem. However, the most efficient way will be using a keyboard mouse combo and air mouse.  Air mouse is highly preferred among people because of the portability and ease of use with the Fire tv stick.


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