Some Mind Boggling Examples of Google Virtual Tour (3D tour) in Everyday Life
google virtual tour

Some Mind Boggling Examples of Google Virtual Tour (3D tour) in Everyday Life

Ditching the traditional way of doing business, people have upgraded themselves to online. After the pandemic, online business has become the need of the hour. And one such blessing is through virtual tours. We all are familiar with the features of Google Map and Google Earth. With just one click you can get 360 views of the whole street even with exact shop numbers. Similarly, Google provides a virtual tour for your business to meet your product to the seller through a completely transparent view. You will see ample examples of Google Virtual Tour around you.

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Google Virtual Tour (3D tour)

But before jumping into some detailed examples, you should be clear if your business is apt for a virtual tour or not. Consider the points below to check your eligibility.

  • People visit your office physically for their work.
  • The targeted audience shows interest in your product or service.
  • Enough budget and staff to attract customers online or offline.
  • Have a Google local page.

If you fit into this category, consider yourself eligible for providing a virtual tour experience.

Examples of Google Virtual Tour

Now let’s see some examples to get a better understanding of how virtual tours can help you grow your businesses:

  1. Real Estate Business: Top reason to enroll in a tour virtually for Real estate business is to increase visibility. You need to attract buyers in case of any sale going on or you want to rent a property. There was a time when sellers had to conduct open houses for buyers to sell their property. It used to be long process as it would take days to finally come across potential buyers. Now with the help of creating and uploading a virtual tour online can give access to a lot of genuine buyers, who are actually interested in buying the property.

Peachtree and Bennett is a property for auction. Look how they have marked themselves on Google, easy for their buyers to reach the property.  Even after making a sale you can keep the tour online on the website or share on other marketing platforms for future references.

  1. Medical training and simulation center: Many patients cannot reach reputed hospitals for their treatment as they are not local. For some traveling is an issue for deteriorating health conditions. To get some insights into your hospital and medical facilities can give confidence to them. This is a great example of a Google virtual tour as it will give an insight into all their private rooms, maintenance, and medical staff, how the hospital functions, and can make decisions accordingly. Generally, patients can’t visit operating rooms or special facilities due to safety concerns or simply because they are in use. But with a Google virtual tour, hospitals are able to show operating rooms, imaging and diagnostic services, medical machinery, and so much more to patients simply with the use of 360° photography.

In the medical training session, you can see how everything is covered in the virtual tour. In fact, you get an idea of the arrangements of all medical staff in an operation theatre.

  1. Restaurant or food corners: We often Google new places to eat. Apart from their menu card we also look for ambiance, location of the restaurant, décor, seating plans, and many more. So, to stand out from your restaurant from competitors, you can provide a virtual tour of your place to attract customers. They can take a look at the entire place and can pick a place to sit according to their choice. Google virtual tour adds information and media about your restaurant that are interlinked across a variety of channels such as your own website, social media, and more which can eventually drive increased reservations, walk-ins, and venue hire!

Research shows that on average, people made a reservation at a restaurant with a virtual tour 30% more often, in comparison to a restaurant without a virtual tour. More than half of people who have watched the restaurant’s virtual tour made a reservation immediately after being impressed by the tour, which is 20% more than the number of individuals who skipped the virtual tour. Without a doubt, virtual tours are now must-have marketing tools in this rapidly growing market to keep your restaurant up and paced.

  1. Science Museum Tour: Kids and adults interested in Science and space can make the best out of these 3d tours just by sitting in the comfort at their home. NASA’s famous Langley Research Centre in Virginia, as well as its partner center Glenn Research Center, also provides some cool virtual tours of their facilities. With these virtual tours, you’ll get to see some of the most important technological inventions in mankind’s history without ever having to leave your own place. You can gather your whole bunch of friends and family and organize a watch party. Something to learn as well as to enjoy your leisure time.

The Space Center at Houston also offers an interesting application for your virtual tours, made for real experiences, and videos, and audio stories about exploring space.

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