How To Fix Fltmgr.sys Blue Screen Errors By Yourself? 

How To Fix Fltmgr.sys Blue Screen Errors By Yourself? 

Fltmgr.sys stands for Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager, and the main function is to make sure that all the data stored in your system’s hard drives is without any error and completely secure. The FltMgr.sys file error is caused when Windows is unable to process or read files stored on the hard drives, and this happens because the system’s FltMgr is either somehow damaged or corrupted. A blue screen appears in the case of this system error and your screen stops working. 

But the main question is why this exactly happens? And how do we combat it?


What Is FlrMgr.sys Error & Is It Safe to Fix It Yourself?

So far we know why errors in FltMgr.sys occur. Is because the file becomes either unreadable or damaged. On occasions where the file is corrupted or damaged, you will receive pop-up error messages repeatedly flashing on your screen. But you don’t need to panic as the most common cause of the FltMgr.sys error is just temporary in nature and can be easily fixed by you just by restarting your PC or laptop.

Follow the steps: 

  1. Go to the start button
  2. Take your cursor to the shutdown ARROW
  3. Hover over the shutdown, and you will see the restart option. 
  4. Click on the restart for your PC or laptop.
  5. After restarting, check if the files are stored safely or not.


But do not delete the FlrMgr.sys file, it not recommended as the reason is that the fltmgr.sys process is a part of Microsoft Windows. If you remove it, some errors would occur on your system or your Windows operating system would stop working.


FltMgr.sys BSOD 

The fltmgr.sys is not a threat to your computer or data if corrected in the early stage. However, the fltmgr.sys BSOD can cause some serious Windows operating system errors that can lead to disturbing issues like windows crashing if it is not solved at the earliest. 

There are many reasons that can cause “fltmagr.sys BSOD Windows 10”. They are virus or malware attack, bug attack, corrupted file system, outdated or a faulty device driver, and many more. 

The first possible solution as I have mentioned above is restarting your computer. Sometimes the hard drive can be incorrectly connected to the system. For the proper functioning of the drive, the hard disk should be connected to the system without any error and glitch. 

The first step is always restarting your system in order to restart the driver from scratch and help it re-establish a connection between your hard drive and the system. 

Incase error fltmgr.sys BSOD is still not fixed after trying the restart process, your next step should be to try these following fixes. They require to be in Safe Mode if your computer cannot boot normally when the BSOD occurs. 

  • Follow the steps to fix the fltmgr.sys error:
  • Reboot your computer after shutting down. You will see Preparing Automatic Repair on your corrupted computer screen.
  • Click on the  Advanced options after Windows finishes diagnosing your computer.
  • Click Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup settings > Restart.
  • To enable Safe Mode with Networking press button 5 from your keyboard.

After completing the steps successfully, your computer should be successfully stalled with Safe Mode with Network. Continue fixing fltmgr.sys BSOD Windows 10.

Update Windows Settings

The source of the fltmgr.sys Windows 10 is Microsoft so you also try running Windows update for a try to fix the fltmgr.sys error. 

In order to update the windows, you have to follow the following steps.  Settings > Update and security > Windows Update > Check for Updates. If there’s any need for an update, you will receive a notification.

After updating, you can check whether the fltmgr.sys BSOD Windows 10 has been solved or not. 

Cleaning Junk and Cache Files

The fltmgr.sys BSOD error could be the indication that the registry has some errors. This lies in that the registry is responsible for storing the important data which is essential in terms of running smooth operations of an application or the driver.

So you can try cleaning the junk files in the registry. If you doubt yourself about cleaning the registry, try to get your hands on trusted reliable software from its official website that will help you to complete this cleaning process. 

Check for Hardware related Issues

 Sometimes, installing new hardware can cause trouble in the system. It may not correspond with the functioning of the computer. And it can be the cause of Fltmgr.sys. To avoid that, delete that particular hardware and replace it with a new one. 


Till now, you may have known what fltmgr.sys is and the solutions to flymgr.sys BSOD.

Now you clearly know that fltmgr.sys BSOD on Windows 10 is a severe problem and you should address it as soon as you get a hold of it to avoid any kind of data loss. Your computer needs regular backup if you want to avoid data loss caused by some errors.










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