What is Clownfish Voice Changer and How To Download It?

clownfish voice changer

Clownfish voice changer has gained a lot of popularity among gamers as they use it a lot. Gaming has become a full-time career and it is their immense duty to provide interactive features to attract an audience. So how does using this app can improve your Discord experience?

Clownfish app is a voice changer app. Although it is primarily used as a 3rd party application on Discord, it is equally useful for other apps. So, here’s a complete guide on how to properly install and set up Clownfish voice changer on your system in addition to the basic system requirements. 

Before installing the app, you need to know the basic requirements. Despite this being an easy-to-use software, it has some basic device requirements. Clownfish fish does not take up much of your power on its own. 

Some of the basics required in a device: 

  • A PC or laptop with a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows successfully installed (professionally recommended either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Earlier versions Sometimes comes with compatibility problems)
  • A 3.5mm microphone should be available for your device (Clownfish does not function automatically if the device is not connected to the microphone).
  • The latest version of Clownfish is a better option to use. The older version can come with compatibility and lagging issues.

As far as hardware is concerned, you can use anything ranging from Pac-man to Read Dead Redemption. 

Start the setup process

Downloading Clownfish is quite easy. All you have to do is to visit the website and install it. Clownfish is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Once you open the download page, you can download from the options available. In case you don’t know which version is installed on your PC, no worries. Simply head on to “Settings.” Proceed to “About.” On the right side, you’ll see “System type.” This will indicate whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit. 

The process is quite easy comparatively. Just choose the location where you wish to install and everything will be done in 2 minutes. 

And now the actual process starts. While installing the app is an easy process, setting up can be a little tricky for a first-time person.

Follow the steps carefully: 

  1. To start, locate the Clownfish voice changer in your system tray. Right-click on this icon and then click on “Setup” to start setting up Clownfish for use across different apps like Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, and even Telegram.
  2. Clownfish is installed in your system. But the actual voice changer has to be installed manually. This is the reason you cannot use the voice changer without automatically attached to the microphone. Open the microphone settings, click “install” next to the microphone. 
  3. Most users don’t have their microphones set up as their default device. You will need to change this as the Clownfish voice changer won’t work if you don’t have the microphone set up as the default device. Skip the next step, if your microphone is already the default device.
  4. Click on the “recording” tab in the Sounds Settings. You will receive a list of all the compatible devices. Now right click on the mic and set it as the default device.
  5. Click on the Clownfish icon in the system tray and click “hear microphone”.The clownfish icon is set as the default option at this point. If you want to change, go to the system tray icon, right-click and select “set voice changer”. 
  6. You will see all the options of voice changers. There are a dozen of options to choose from. However, using customization you can create a completely different tone. And that’s that, Clownfish is successfully installed and set up on your system.

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Main Features of Clownfish Voice Changer

Some important features you can get while using Clownfish voice changer in Fortnite. These and hundreds of other similar features solidify Clownfish as the definitive voice changer. It is also why it is the most widely used voice changer app on Fortnite.

  •         Atari
  •         Clone
  •         Mutation
  •         Fast Mutation
  •         Slow Mutation
  •         Male pitch
  •         Silence
  •         Female pitch
  •         Helium pitch
  •         Baby pitch
  •         Radio
  •         Robot
  •         Custom pitch

What to do when Clownfish voice changer not working

If there’s an issue in the functioning, you can try few fixes to solve the not working issue;

  1. Update the clownfish and use the latest version
  2. Check the version of the platform
  3. Installing the microphone 
  4. Install the application in the default folder

Download Clownfish voice changer in Mac or IOS

The process of downloading the application is the same as in windows. This means, if you have already done it for android, you have to follow the same procedures. 

If you haven’t done it before, then follow the process step by step: 

  1. Visit the webpage to install the application.
  2. When you click on the download link, automatically the download process will start. And the clownfish voice changer will be downloaded in the “download” folder. 
  3. Click on the downloaded application and allow all the permission asked. 
  4. Use this app for changing your voice according to your wish.

You can see the application tray on the home screen. Just click on the link when you want to use it. 

This requires basic technical skills to carry out these functions. And the application consists of a user-friendly interface. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  1. Does clownfish voice changer cost?

Ans: Clownfish Voice Changer is absolutely free audio manipulation tool. It lets you change your voice’s sound with some interesting audio effects easily and quickly in just a few steps. It widely used by games and now YouTubers also to engage the audience with interesting concepts. Anyone who is interested in the voice-changing apps can try installing the clownfish voice changer application on their desktop.

2. Is the clownfish voice changer safe?

Ans: Yes, the clownfish voice changer is completely safe to use. This app is compatible with Skype, Steam, ooVoo, Ekiga, Jitsi, Ventrilo, Mumble, and many other messengers. Clownfish has 14 voice effects such as Alien, Silence, Robot, Baby, Female, Radio, Helium, Fast Mutation, Clone, Male, Atari, and many other effects.

3. Is there a clownfish for Mac?

Ans: This Clownfish Voice changer software is available for all your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu operating systems. Clownfish Voice Changer is a Web Translator for many of your incoming messages on Skype and many other platforms like TeamSpeak 3 and Discord etc.

4. What is the safest voice changer?

Ans: There are a several voice changer available in the tech market which is absolutely safe to use.

List Of Best Discord Voice Changer

  • Clownfish.
  • VoiceMod.
  • VoiceMeeter.
  • MorphVOX.
  • Voxal Voice Changer.
  • Voice Changer.
  • Voice Changer with Effects.
  • Discord Voice Changer.

5. Why is the clownfish voice changer not working?

Ans: Because the application needs to use your microphone to detect your voice and translating it to the system. With wrongly installed microphones or incorrect, outdated microphone drivers, Clownfish Voice Changer may not work properly. Run Clownfish.

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