dev error 6068

All about Dev Error 6068. How to fix it?

Everyone loves to play online games until some trouble occurs. One of the most famous games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is loved by all. It has numerous players around…

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whea uncorrectable error

Easy Fixes for Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10

Windows has a strong history of blue screen error.  This blue screen error disrupts the functioning of your desktop. However, these errors are an indication of some important messages for…

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clownfish voice changer

What is Clownfish Voice Changer and How To Download It?

Clownfish voice changer has gained a lot of popularity among gamers as they use it a lot. Gaming has become a full-time career and it is their immense duty to…

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best video downloader for chrome

Best Video Downloader For Chrome Extension

Video Downloader is an extension that can be installed for video downloads in the browser. The first question that pops in our head is if it is legal or not….

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dns server not responding

Fix “DNS server not responding” in Windows 

When you connect your device to a WiFi or home network with internet access, the internet connection fails to work sometimes. And that can happen due to several reasons. So…

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How do unknown sources keep turning on? HOW TO FIX?

A phone comes with a wide set of apps and features, some of which are customizable. And this advanced operating system can cause many bugs and errors while functioning. Recently,…

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best mkv players

8 Best MKV Players For Windows, MAC and Android

Paying media on your digital medium requires supported platforms. One of such platforms is MKV player. MKV is a tool specially made for MKV files. This player lets you download…

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1password vs bitwarden

1Password vs Bitwarden: Know which one is better.

Securing your credentials with a password is of utmost essential. It is a scary world out there in the field of digital mediums. There are various tools in the market…

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5g technology in india

5G technology in India: Is India Ready for 5G?

After the enforcement of Jio 4G in India, people here were able to enjoy the internet at the speed of 14 Mbps. 4G is almost five times faster than its…

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