Best Free Streaming Sites For Your Entertainment 

Best Free Streaming Sites For Your Entertainment 

Before the wave of all these online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, cinephiles like me would depend on torrent to download their favorite movie or shows. With the blessing of the internet, now we can watch tv shows, movies, sports, news, literally every means of entertainment online. Digging some blogs and websites, here are I have listed out the best free streaming sites for your entertainment, without spending a penny for it. 


The list of free streaming sites:

  • Popcornflix:

    Popcornflix is the most online platform for the latest movies. It covers all major genres like horror, romcom, comedy, drama, documentary, etc. The screen media venture is the owner of Popcornflix. The best part of this free streaming website is that you can watch any movie with just a click on the PLAY button, without wasting your time signing up. But as we all know, the free subscription has some limitations. If you are not a native of the English language, you might face some trouble as getting subtitles is not an option.


  • Crackle:

    Crackle tops the list of free online streaming platforms for Hollywood movies. It is owned by Sony Pictures, that’s why you are entertained with full-length movies or TV shows. They serve you with the latest shows and movies of different genres. And allows users to watch movies in whichever monitor and dimension, according to their device. Best for mobile phones. The only drawback one can face with this platform is too many unwanted long commercials, which becomes annoying after a point. 

  •  Snagfilms:

    Snagfilms is a new discovery made by cinephiles, to watch over 2000 films all curated with different genres. If you’re into classic movies or documentaries, this online website is for you. Go through the editor’s choice and pick a watch for yourself. They have recently updated their collection of movies and added some more classics.

Snagfilms also provide a range of shows for kids’ entertainment, download it for free and watch it whenever you want without the worry of limitation of access time. You can sign in by using your Google account or any Facebook ID, one of the best streaming sites for free.  A little setback here is that it comes with no subtitle option. And the buffer sometimes takes longer than expected. Apart from these, it a bonus free streaming site for movies and information documentaries.


  • Youtube:

    Youtube is not limited to watch to funny videos or movie trailers. It also one of the most used platforms for online streaming of music. Platfrom is a warehouse of all kinds of videos from sports, academics, movies, news, songs, vlogs, educational videos. It is like an ocean of videos and live streams, all you have to do is search for your interest topics. 

Movie production houses have a channel of their own and make their movies accessible to the public for free after some time of the release. Youtube provides sports streaming and news live streaming for absolutely free, all you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone. 


  • Stream2watch:

    Stream2watch is a decent online streaming platform for sports. It is a free website, requires no signup to watch your favorite sport. Sports you can enjoy on these free streaming websites are football/soccer, boxing, tennis, golf, American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, and more. But here’s one hiccup, which can interpret your watching experience. You cannot escape the advertisement pop-ups, a common issue during any sports streaming. 

  • CricHD: 

    CricHD is an online streaming platform for sports like cricket, football/soccer, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, cycling, racing, American football, and more. It offers Livestream from various sports channels such as ESPN, Sky Sports, Being sports, BT Sports, etc. The site has a good user interface and pretty easy to navigate. There are going to be pop-ups and long advertisements, so bear with them. 

  • 123TV Now:

    This site is worth falling in love with. The online streaming website needs no registration, no commercial ads, no pop-ups. All you have to do is simply select the channel you wish to watch and click the play button. A smooth video player that resembles that of YouTube will play the desired channel pretty quickly. The site also offers the schedule of running and upcoming shows.

Countries Like US & UK

US and UK dominate the number of channels on 123TV Now, you get news, sports, entertainment, kids, movies and other infotainment shows all for free without any unnecessary ads and pop-ups. If you are seriously looking for streaming live tv on your devices then 123TV Now is strongly recommended.

  • Ok Live TV:

    OK Live TV is a live tv streaming site which a number of live streaming links. This site is also subscription-free, just click on any channel on OKLiveTV which you wish to stream and done. The video player is quite basic and the buffer time is also very low. Though the site is not a very legit streaming platform it offers some premium live tv channels to watch without paying anything. 



Necessity is the mother of invention. It the love for movies and other streams that we are blessed with so many best free streaming websites to spend our leisure time. All you have to search a little bit and voila! Never miss out on any kind of entertainment. 

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