Best 8D Headphones Available In India For Music Lovers

Best 8D Headphones Available In India For Music Lovers

Have you ever came across forward messages like; listen to this audio using headphones only. The audio you receive is no ordinary audio. The music is not heard from ears but feels like directly coming from your brain. You can hear the music from the outside world rather than the headphones. This type of audio is called 8D audio. To listen to such audios there are special best 8D headphones launched in the market for music lovers.  

But as we all know there is no such thing as 8 dimensions in music. So why is it called 8D music? It is simply created by editing stereo tracks with a reverb effect to give the audio a completely new quality, a sensation like music is flowing around. It is certainly hype at the moment; let’s see how long it continues to amuse people. 

Some of the best 8D headphones pick you can get on Amazon India are on an absolute budget and worth their price:


  • Coucou sports wireless headphones:

     Sale price at rs.1199 (down from rs. 3999). This best 8D headphone delivers premium HiFi sound quality so that you can have experience of crystal clear sound with deep bass and enjoy the music completely submerging you. The Bluetooth Headphones adopts the latest generation Qualcomm chip supports different Bluetooth devices with effective noise cancellation and 10mm dynamic drivers. It is one of the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technologies with Qualcomm chip ensuring a steady wireless connection with your phone up to a wide range of 10 meters. 


  • Soopii F9 Wireless Earphone:

    Sale price at rs.1999 ( original price Rs. 4999) Soopii F9 Bluetooth wireless earbuds consist of high-fidelity stereo, high-quality Bluetooth chip, and noise reduction technology make noise during a call and surrounding noise can be minimized up to a certain level so that you can hear every communication clear and proper.


  • CONCEPT Karttm Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth:

    This is a bit at a price range. Sale price to be at Rs. 3449 (original price Rs.6499). It is available in color grey-blue. This Bluetooth wireless headphone is modified with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can benefit you with about 4 times the communication range of the ordinary one, and the connection stability is also better than the others. Super 1DD+1BA, Built-in microphones, and Noise-canceling feature, not getting disturbed by any outside noise, deliver Hi-fi 8D audio technology and HD call, achieving the sound of the immersive music scene surround sound. Due to its unique features, it is in the top run for the best 8D headphones in the market.


  • Sony WI- C200 Wireless In-Ear Headphones:

     Priced at Rs.1699 originally down from Rs. 2490. Get an Experience of Immersive Sound Experience with Superb Bass with 10mm dynamic drivers. You get up to 10 hours of battery backup and charges 100% in just 90 minutes, which can last your a whole day. It can be your workout partner with Tune Active using super-secure silicon wingtips Latest Bluetooth version 5.0 with a range of 10 meters to improve the quality of the call. 


  • Jabra Elite 75t True Bluetooth Earbuds:

     Last but definitely not least, a new company in the addition to the name of Jabra. More on the pricey end but worth of each penny spent on it. Sale price at rs.8999 down from the original price of Rs.15999. surprising you with up to 24 hours of battery time (ANC on) with the compact-sized charging case, the Elite 75t earphones let you receive calls and play music while staying connected. Isn’t that an amazing feature? Escape from the outside world and focus only on your music, use the Sound+ app to activate ANC the first time you use it and lets you toggle between ANC and Hear Through using your earbud button. 


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