1password vs bitwarden

1Password vs Bitwarden: Know which one is better.

Securing your credentials with a password is of utmost essential. It is a scary world out there in the field of digital mediums. There are various tools in the market…

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lost firestick remote

How to operate with a lost firestick remote?

After spending hours looking for the remote, under the couch, in the drawers, behind the pillows, you give up. There is always one person in the family who has a…

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local wifi games

Top 6 Local WiFi Games for Android Users (2021)

With the increasing craze for games in kids and youth, the gaming industry is booming rapidly. Undoubtedly, gaming is fun with friends and family, sometimes it can get competitive as…

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google chrome extensions

What is a Google Chrome Extension?

A google chrome extension is a program installed in your browser. These particular programs add some specific functionality to the browser. This addition brings additional features to the existing functioning…

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double vpn

Is Double VPN Better Than A Normal One?

VPN (a virtual private network) gives you online privacy by creating a private network from the public network. It does so by masking your online activity by IP addresses. Now…

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top free sports streaming sites

List of Top Free Streaming Sports Sites: Watch Live Sports 

After the outbreak of the pandemic, we have become more addicted to technology. All our outdoor hobbies got restricted to enjoying them virtually on our small screens. Every one of…

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Home Recording Studio Equipment

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Equipment

Setting up a home recording studio does not require a lot of equipment. All you need is some good research about what exactly you would need. To save your time,…

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types of payment gateway

Best Types Of Payment Gateway To Choose?

A payment gateway is an online service to carry out the functions of credit card and debit card payments. These payment gateways become a pathway to authorize money transfers.  In…

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what is encryption

What is Encryption? With Examples.

If I have to explain encryption to someone in simple words, I’d say it is a secured code. Encryption is a method to store the information in a secret code…

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External hard drive not showing up

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

A Hard Drive stocks all the digital content/data such as your pictures, videos, documents, programs, etc., It works as the primary storage of a computer or a laptop. External Hard…

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