Wally App

Wally App

Wally is an app that will track all your daily expenses. It supports all foreign currencies, If you are a traveler and spend most of your time traveling outside Wally is the best expense manager app for you.

It will tell you how much money you have and what’s left with you until the month’s end.

You can even track the money you spend and split bills with your friends. Wally is also the best personal finance app for students and couples too and one of the best money management-expense tracker and budgeting apps available in India.

Wally Pricing

The basic service of Wally is free but the advanced version where you can set up unlimited accounts-budget costs $1.99 per month.

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 Wally Performance

Performance-wise Wally is quite good, It offers you features like setting up and managing budget, scan, and upload bills, and many more and can handle the workload.

In this app, you will get up-to-date views of your financial data which will help you in overspending. You can upgrade to Wally Gold if you need more tools.

 Wally Referal Program

Wally right now doesn’t offer any referral program.

 Features of Wally App

  • You can split bills among friends.
  • Track monthly expenses.
  • Get spending insights.
  • Option to keep watch on your yesterday budget.
  • Sync your current-saving account, credit cards, loans and check your balances.
  • Set a per-day budget and saving target.
  • Safety- All data is encrypted.
  • Customer Support.
  • Review your past and upcoming payments.
  • Create an account for family expenses.
  • Create a shopping list.
  • This app gives you a feature to not link your bank account with Wally.

 How to Sign-up for Wally App

  • Download the Wally app through the  Web or download the app for Android or iOS
  • Click on create an account option in the app
  • Set email and password
  • Start your finance and expense tracker app

 Alternatives and Competitors of Wally App

  • Vault
  • Saved
  • Mint
  • Albert
  • Divvy
  • Status Money
  • Moneydance
  • Chronicle
  • Entaxy
  • MoneyTracker.cc
  • Moneyspire
  • Rekount
  • Kualto
  • YNAB
  • Good Budget

 FAQs related to Wally App

Can we export the financial data I put into Wally?

Yes, you can, If for some reason you find yourself yearning (craving) a spreadsheet, you can export your data into a CSV file.

Did Wally work on Desktop?

The website version of Wally shows that the desktop version of Walli is at work.

Can I add an account to this App in a different currency?

Yes, you can. You can set your default currency in the settings, and if you have an account in a different one, you can add it in as a foreign account.

How is Wally’s free version different from the gold version?

The Wally gold version offers the same features as Wally free version as well as some other features like- joint accounts, foreign currencies, your payment reminders, and some other specific categories.

Can we log into Wally on my laptop?

Currently no, Wally is working on a way to do this.

Does the Wally App work with any bank account?

Yes, Wally works with all the bank accounts.

Who owns the Wally App?

Wally’s Co-Founder & CEO is  Saeid Hejazi.



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